On Monday, saw the Bank of the evening guests Ace Fusion Restaurant, St. John's Hill, Clapham transformed into a sea vortex and palancing feathers sequins, glitter, beauty and muscles as jewelry Carnival launched its series of costumes for Notting Hill Carnival, which will take place 30th August. JdC is with the band Burrokeets United Kingdom, including the presentation for 2010 is entitled the Renaissance Parade. This theme honors the past 20yrs representations Burrokeets UK, with each section of this year, based on a theme of the past, improvement, renewal and refreshing. title Jewellery Carnival set to the performance of "Hands On> Deck ', the Burrokeets UK band of the year 1999. p / Hands on Deck "immediately draws the light of the vision of the sea, sailors, ships, cruises and other mythical creatures and stories that can be found, Oceania was born. Oceania, the term most often applied islands in and around the Pacific islands such as Christmas, Cook Islands, Samoa, Hawaii, French Polynesia and Easter Island, to name a few. Oceania JDC is certainly sexy, seductive and also risky, because in fact, thinks some of us like little adventure and a touch of mischief on vacation, even if born again a new character, because in some way. title p - Costumes include Front Line & Page usual options - Deposit - £ 40 back row and boys / £ 60 Front - Secure payments via Paypal on this website. Most cards PayPal accepts debit and credit cards For more information and registration : [email protected] per call: 07791 650284 / view & register: Title  all

Great Puppet Parade at the Notting Hill Carnival in August, London, United Kingdom Photographic Poster Print by Juliet Coombe, 18x24" / a > Photography
  • Title: Parade
  • on large puppets Notting Hill Carnival in August, London, UK
  • Artist: Juliet Coombe
  • Size: 18 x 24 cm
  • Large Puppet Parade at Notting Hill Carnival in August, London, United Kingdom digitally printed on archival photo paper consequence vivid, pure color and exceptional detail that is suitable for museum or gallery displayed.
    Price: $ 49.99 Price: $ 49.99  notting hill carnival Image Notting Hill Carnival is one of the events all those who loves photography. You can go with your camera to your eye and no one knows anything. Simply extraordinaire.Elle was one of those who blew in a parade, his pipe after the OT rhythm of the music. When I framed, and the lens I have very visible, they looked directly. She did not want to wait for the shot, they moved on, and wait for a few seconds for me, they turned the eyes of someone else the goal! Despite my love of black and white, I had many problems during the post-production for these photos. Many of them are so colorful ... This is the beginning of a series I am going to spend Carnival in Notting Hill, I hope you enjoy!

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