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Ramajay Mas Costumes La Femme: New York Carnival Labor Day

Carnival costumes it seems, have been producing more and more revealing and sexy costumes in recent years. For the year 2010 Ramajay Mas seems to be taking it one step futher and catering to female masqueraders with their carnival theme “La Femme”.  There are some men that will probably have no problem with going to “wine” down eastern parkway wearing a shiny, glittery carnival costume under the banner “La Femme: Reveal the Mystery of Woman”, but what kind of man is that?

On the other hand the celebration of woman, and womanhood prevails in this theme so lets give their carnival costumes a look see. I can tell you, they will not disappoint you. These are by far in improvement from last year, as well as some of the greatest costumes ever to hit Eastern Parkway for the New York West Indian Day Carnival Parade.

[AFG_gallery id=’54’]

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  2. Coco March 30, 2011 at 8:32 pm

    Where can I get a costume like that from


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