1. lol loved dat year carnival rocked

  2. what i would like to kno is what is that songs name

  3. @ lebronjames312. U r a stupid fuck!! Wanna b lebron……..????? Don’t b calling my pple gay Haitians. Fuck u.

  4. My dad’s from Dominica but I was born and raised in London, England. Would love to visit the island though

  5. sorti la ……stupessssssssssssss

  6. go suck on ur self u stupid fuck….

  7. Rnblaize….. I think you don t know what is music let me tell you something musik is everything is good to hear. I am Haitian I love any kind of music. big up to all creole pleople.

  8. its funny because people of the dominican republic are the ones that share an island with haiti

  9. Different folks different strokes – Everyone’s got different ears!!!

  10. dominica is not dominican republic. stupid people stop saying that dominica people are dominicans their not and fuc k dominica that island of gay haitians. dominican republic is better

  11. see lloyd an aston… dem 2 white boyz at de beginin of de vid!! hahaha

  12. respect d big band boi…..wck

  13. One thing about my country anywhere we go we love to PARRTTTYYY!!!!!!!!

  14. digi representin in carni in 08.lol

    nuf luv da.

  15. chek out my page, i have some kix off video’s and episodes of a movie we makin called d/a most wanted

  16. them stil hav my reverb module an’ ting 😉

  17. me a doh undestand dat weh bway!

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