K2k Carnival band has released some very beautiful costumes for Trinidad Carnival 2012. Instead of the Brazilian style costumes that seemed to have over taken the Carnival scene, K2K, reinvited the carnival experience with their cultural fashion creations. All the while, they are still keeping the fun filled All Inclusive Trinidad Carnival experience we have all come to expect. K2K is two-fold: 1. Art Platforms – The Arts and Entertainment element that focuses on carnival design. The aim is to create an all-inclusive band that provides a family experience for its masqueraders. The goals are: (i) to be an effective storyteller (ii) to re-invent cinematic beauty through choreography and design (iii) to win “Band of the Year”. 2. Philanthropic Platform – The Fundraising Arm which focuses on giving back to Trinidad and Tobago.   [AFG_gallery id='30']

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  1. Joana

    Beautiful Costumes, finally a real Trinidadian Costume!

  2. Jordan James

    Interesting designs conceptually…however, the designer or designers need to know how to edit. Some of these costumes have way too many elements going on which detract from the overall visual aesthetic.

  3. mary

    Wow What a gush of fresh design.Who are you people?. I intend you success.Have a blast.Next year I’m with you. Can;t play this year ,busted my knee! Looking forward to seeing you all “on de road”

  4. Marissa

    I was truly amazed by your concept and of course the actual costumes this is fresh & artistic. I beleive that this year is only the begining of great things to come Mc Farlin watch out keep up the great work and I will definitly be playing with your band next year it is worth every penny…