“Haiti Ap Dekole” Translated Haiti Is Taking Off

Haiti is open for business! While the Haitian people continue to deal with the aftermath of a devastating earthquake, a spirit of rebirth is brewing all around the island. This was especially felt during the Carnival festivities this year. More than 300,000 people celebrated in the Carnival 2012 in Les Cayes, Haiti. This was the first time in history, that Haiti’s National Carnival took place outside of the capital Port-au-Prince. During the three days of celebration, all roads led to Les Cayes, and Haitians from all over the island and those visiting from abroad wanted to get there, as this was not an event to be missed. Modes of transportations, such as a cruise ship, yachts, planes, coach buses, motorcycles, and private cars, found its way to Les Cayes. Carnival goers danced, sang, embraced, ate and drink all day and night until the Sun came back out again. In the words of the Haitian people “Plezi Gaye” (Fun All Over). A delight to watch the beautiful firework demonstrations, gorgeous costumes, and colorful schemas, all the while the people chanting the lyrics to inspiring Kompa, Creole Rap, and Root Music . All the favorite bands were there in full effect, ready to entertain the crowd, and all were well received. Even, the president, Michel Martelly, did a mini cameo as he went float hoping, encouraging the various bands and speaking to the Haitian people about the new beginning that Haiti rightfully deserves in the forms of decentralization, education, health care, and reconstruction. This event was truly a reminder of Haiti’s rich culture and the optimistic spirit of the people. “Haiti Ap Dekole” isn’t just the 2012 Carnival theme, but it is what the people are working hard towards. Live Musical Floats (Bands) [AFG_gallery id='57'] Written By: Rachelle Sanon Photo Credit: Carel Pedres [divider] Barikad Crew “Toule Bagay” Boukman Eksperyans “Ban’m Pam Ladann” Brother Passe “Stayle” Boukman Eksperyans “Ban’m Pam Ladann” Brother Passe “Stayle” Carimi “Poul La Remix” Djakout #1 “Bato Franse Mawon” Kreyol La “Ayiti Pran Nan Kouran” Racine Mapou “Asosye” RAM “Yon Bel Ayiti” Rockfam “Pale Pale” T-Vice “Cec La Qualite” Ti Micky “Vwayaj A Lekol” Vwadezil ”M pap Ka Ba Ou Metafo w”    

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