Trinidad Carnival 2014 March 3 & 4

Some may say it is far too early to be thinking about the 2014 Trinidad Carnival season. However, As it stands, many hotels are currently sold out.  A few Carnival bands like Tribe, Bliss and many other are also sold out. So that only leaves the question, for those who have already missed the chance for 2013, they can always fully prepare themselves for Trinidad Carnival 2014.  And here's how: Do not Procrastinate. Get your Costumes and Travel and accommodations information early.Many People do not realize how many opportunities there are to join a carnival band. Carnival bands Like Paparazzi Carnival Still have many costumes available for Trinidad Carnival 2013   Do not wait for your friends, lead them. Planning a huge trip with friends can be an overwhelming task. There is a lot of decisions to be made. If you have a procrastinating friend, the best way to motivate them, is to get your plane ticket, costumes and everything else lined up. See Other dates for Trinidad Carnival Need Help? Contact Us

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  1. Dahlia nJoseph

    I have never experienced playing mas and is dying to do so but would love to experience with Tribe please keep me informed about your dates of your launch etc, thank you