Trini Revellers Has released their Costumes for Trinidad Carnival 2013. Their Theme Brazil Brazi Features Costumes that Represent the Culture of Brazil. Trini Revellers Package: * Premium drinks - alcoholic and non-alcoholic throughout the days. * Snacks on Monday and breakfast, lunch, and snacks on Tuesday. (choice of meal for non-meat eaters) * Professionally-trained security detail * Mobile restrooms * Medics/First Aid Costume Prices: El Gaucho F:TT$2400,US$400 M:TT$2100,US$350 Samba F:TT$2600,US$433 M:TT$2200,US$367 Brazilia F:TT$2850,US$475 FF:TT$3600,US$600 M:TT$2100,US$350 Exotic Birds(Frontline) FF:TT$4400,US$733 Exotic Birds(Backline) F:TT$3300,US$550 M:TT$2400,US$400 Exotic birds (Blue parrot) F:TT$3800,US$633 M:TT$3000,US$500 Carnival in Rio F:TT$2750,US$458 FF:TT$4200,US$700 M:TT$2100,US$350 The Lost Tribe of Brazil F:TT$2800,US$467 M:TT$2400,US$400 Yanomani Tribe F:TT$2800,US$467 FF:TT$4000,US$667 M:TT$2200,US$367 Brazilian Orchids F:TT$2895,US$483 F1:TT$3195,US$533 F2:TT$4595,US$766 F3:TT$5095,US$849 FF:TT$5495,US$916 Sao Paulo F:TT$2700,US$450 FF:TT$3750,US$625 M:TT$2295,US$383 The Rain Forest of Amazonia F:TT$2850,US$475 M:TT$2250,US$375 Piranha F:TT$3200,US$533

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  1. Asha Dwarika

    I am interested in purchasing two costumes, both male and female in the section Samba. the royal blue coloured costume. please reply to me as soon as possible, thank you.

    Asha Dwarika

  2. Kerry Browne

    myself and about four other friends are interested in playing mas with you again but every time we come by the mas camp it is closed during the day. can you tell us if there is a problem or have your opening hours changed from last year to later in the evening?

  3. socaj

    what’s the names of the sections it’s not listed under each section.

  4. Angela McKenzie

    Hi, Interested in Playing Samba section for carnival 2013.

    Please get back to me to let me know which sections are available.

    Thank you,