Harts Carnival one of the Largest and oldest Carnival Bands Kicked off the Trinidad Carnival Band Launch Season. Here are a few others to look forward too. [envira-gallery id="61165"] Band: Tribe / Band: Bliss Presentation: TRIBE 10 Band Launch Date: July 20   Band: Fantasy Carnival Presentation: Secrets of the Deep Band Launch Date: July 27   Band: Paparazzi Carnival Presentation: Center Stage Band Launch Date: July 31   Band: Dream Team Presentation: I Am Band Launch Date: August 10   Band: Yuma Presentation: Cirque Band Launch Date: August 10   Band: Island People Mas Presentation: The Whole – Magic, Mystery and Marvel August 27th   Band: Ronnie & Caro Presentation: The River Come Down Band Launch Date: August 29   Band: Showtime Trinidad Presentation: The Awakening of Mas Band Launch Date: October 5   Dates To Be Announced   Band: Trini Revellers Presentation: The Sultan’s Palace Band: Legacy Presentation: Nature’s Touch See More From Trinidad Carnival    

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