Tribe Carnival Costumes : Hawkeye Trinidad Carnival 2014 Theme:  Tribe Ten Prices Male: $3,395 Add Traditional Headpiece: $1,195 Female: $4,525 Add: Large Head Piece: $575 Add Collar: $480 Add Traditional Headpiece: 1,195 Female Frontline: $6,925 Add: Large Head Piece: $850 Add Traditional Headpiece: 1,195 Sections: Apache|Cheyenne|Comanche Sunset|Dreamcatcher|Hawkeye|Mohican| Rain Dancer|Silver Moon|Sioux|Spirit Seeker|Tribal Warrior|Warchant Check Out Bliss Costumes 2014 Designed by Solange Shaw-Gopaul Photography by Jtography

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  1. Sarah Stacey

    I live in Australia and need to purchase a costume for a fitness model competition (WBFF). Can I order Hawkeye Tribe costume, how do I do that, what prices are they (AUD) and what is the turn around time? I will need the costume by end of March. I hope you can help, I really love this costume = )