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Life Island People Mas 2014

Life Island People Mas 2014 Costumes

Life Island People Mas Costumes for Trinidad Carnival 2014

Theme: The Whole : Mystery, Magic, Marvel

Section:  Life

Base Package

  • Backline with Tiara    TTD$3,895
  • Frontline (two-piece) with Tiara  TTD$4,995
  • Frontline (Wire Bra/Monokini) TTD$4,995
  • Male TTD$3,595
  • Male Frontline TTD$5,095
  • Individual   TTD$13,995


  • Collar   TTD$400
  • Small Head     TTD$600
  • Backpack   TTD$1,000
  • Large Head     TTD$1,000

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