Watch Official NCBA Live Carnival Stream


Watch Live Streaming of Trinidad Carnival 2014.
Trinidad Carnival takes place every year in Port of Spain, Trinidad  the Monday and Tuesday Before Lent.

This year Carnival will be taking place March 3rd & 4th.

The live Stream will be begin March 3rd for Carnival Monday, Check back regularly .

Trinidad Carnival Live Video Schedule for 2014
Monday March 3rd – 12pm Parade of Bands Carnival Monday Wear
Tuesday March 4th – 7am Parade of Bands – Usually Full Costumes

Streaming begins March 3rd & 4th


Watch Official NCBA Live Carnival Stream

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    1. you all will be bring the parade of band now

      1. So much for live coverage. This is a joke. They can’t even get this right. After one year to plan for this?

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