Born out of the desire to re-introduce the family vibe to Carnival, Wee was created. Wee International a group of foreign and local-based Trinbagonians joined forces to bring back that down home, family vibes of a West Indian love affair we have known to be Carnival. Having witnessed the changes over the years in attitudes and behaviors to what Carnival represents, Wee welcomes the challenge to expose the masses to the true meaning of Carnival and what Wee know CARNIVAL to be. Wee are dedicated to giving the individual masquerade that personalized experience, through an intimate medium band. Wee are the alternative to the big band with a big market oriented environment, quality to match and surpass in most instances. All our costumes are being assembled in Trinidad by individuals with years of experience in mas production techniques Wee will be lecturing — everything (well.., everything, except the kitchen sink) to make your time with family and quality fiends a blast! Our Target Market The main audience targeted for the band would be the lavish, trendy, fashionably conscious audience of Trinidad and Tobago between the ages of 21 - 45 years of age. The volume of masqueraders which we have forecasted is between 700 - 1000 persons. The Aim of the Band We will like to create that ultimate premium experience of carnival, where everyone is treated as one and there are no roaming restrictions within the band. Our Designers Our costumes are designed to cater to all. To us design is a #1 priority and a key element of the ultimate carnival experience. Our group of designers who all have different ideas and opinions come together to create costumes catering to all masqueraders. No Vex money needed A Premium bar and Flavorful local food awaits you. We want our road experience to be second to none your wallets should be at home while we take care of you on the road, as we give our masqueraders the ultimate All Inclusive Experience "NO VEX MONEY NEEDED" Security Detail The safety of you, our masqueraders will not be taken lightly by Wee. Wee wants all our masqueraders to feel safe on the road. Our security detail consists of an experienced group of security personnel who have all been trained in different areas to handle all situations on the road so you can feel safer as you parade. Wee Casa Our Mos Camp is located on Arapit3 Avenue, close to the corner of French Street. Our location was strategically chosen in this area known as the Activity Hub of the country. Entertainment Our Dj,s consist of a cast of Local aid foreign dj's all capable of selecting and mixing the right tunes creating that mesmerizing feeling that only soca music can give come carnival Monday and Tuesday. Wee looks forward to you entrusting us as Wee give you the Ultimate Carnival experience, every year.

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