Carnival Revolution is a youth based organization created by Osei Brand and Associates, to encourage at risk youth to use their creative ability, for the purpose of continuing the tradition of Carnival in Toronto. Carnival Revolution provides a list of services from creative Costume Design, to basic Audio Engineering for the purpose of Recorded Musical Production. Having a wide range of professionals on board, Carnival Revolution is also dedicated to being active mentors in the lives of the youth we come in contact with. Providing personal support and one on one peer counseling, Carnival Revolution continues to be an active leader in the community celebrating the youth and their personal achievements. In past years, Joan, Wain and Osei Brand have worked with several different bands and bandleaders. Working with such groups as, Arnold Hughes and Associates, Rose Allen Gordon and the original Reggae Float, Serious Ting, Marlon Singh and Callaloo, and the later Jamaal Magloire and the Toronto Revelers. The experience within the group’s core team, provides an excellent source of creativity and leadership, for our volunteers and youth members. In 2011, we worked with the Toronto Revelers, who presented, “The Wizard of Oz”. Our head designer was responsible for producing the Junior Female Individual, which placed first at the Kiddies Carnival Parade. As a premier group in the parade, Carnival Revolution is dedicated to exceeding the expectation of the board members which make up the Toronto Mas Bands Association. This year we promise do something that has never been done before, Carnival Revolution is about to change the game. As we have now teamed up with Serious Ting, we plan to have the first official Ragga Soca, Reggae Remix, Pop and R&B Remix trucks going down the parade route. In addition, we are planning to have an array of special effects to add to our theatrical presentation! Carnival Revolution plays what the people want and we plan on giving the crowd a presentation like no other band has ever given before View Costumes

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  1. Siddeeqah


    I live in the states and I’m interested in playing mas for caribana this year. Please assist me in finding bands to purchase a costume from.