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I. Reservations

To make a reservation please visit us at:

II. Trip Deposits and Payments

For most bookings Carnival Info forwards your credit card number and/or other payment type to the chosen supplier(s) for processing/deposit. As a result, the supplier deposit, payment, cancellation, and refund policy/policies will be followed. The same process may be followed in the rare case when a particular supplier does not accept credit cards and requires Carnival Info to process your payment, then forward the funds to said supplier(s). When booking certain custom trips/arrangements/components and/or a dedicated Carnival Info Group Adventure program, you will (also) receive a “Trip-specific Carnival Info Policy" on Payments, Cancellations & Refunds’ applicable to the particular trip or trip segment(s) listed on the form you receive. For such bookings/arrangements, the ‘Trip-specific Carnival Info Policy on Payments, Cancellations & Refunds’ will apply in addition to any and all other policies provided by suppliers, agencies, and Carnival Info. If you have two policies for the same trip, the stricter policy will be in effect.

III. Methods of Payment

The vast majority of bookings are payable in cash, check, money order (U.S. Funds) or credit card (Visa, Master Card, and sometimes also American Express, and Discover Card). Your reservation may be cancelled (in some cases automatically!) if a payment is not received by the due date. Prices are per person double occupancy (unless stated otherwise) and are usually quoted in U.S. Dollars. Please consult the itinerary provided for further information on what your trip includes. Airfare is quoted separately unless you have been informed otherwise. Prices quoted are generally guaranteed for your trip, however price adjustments may be made (even on existing bookings) in the rare event of extreme currency fluctuations, post-booking fuel surcharge assessments, and other similarly unforeseeable events outside the control of Carnival Info and/or our suppliers. Furthermore, price adjustments may be assessed by supplier(s) for currency, single supplement, small-group surcharge, or other reasons outside the control of Carnival Info. Applicable to all types of bookings, there may be instances where Carnival Info will require you to pay by check or Money Order, due to particular supplier payment policies or payment circumstances. All credit card payments, whether it is a payment made to Carnival Info directly or simply authorization for us to forward your credit card info to a supplier, will require your signature on one or more credit card authorization forms supplied to you. This is for your protection as well as ours. Likewise, for most non-credit card transactions, a “Trip Authorization” form will be provided to you, which we require that you complete, sign, and return to Carnival Info, before we can proceed with your booking. A deposit of 30% is required at the time of booking unless otherwise specified. We accept payment via credit card, certified check, wire transfer or money order for your deposit. balance is due 30 days prior to departure. If your reservation is made within 30 days of departure, the entire cost of the trip must be paid at the time of confirmation.

IV. Invoices

Invoices are normally issued by the entity that processes your actual payment, not by Carnival Info, except in those instances where Carnival Info acts as the processing agent (i.e. processes your credit card directly or deposits your funds into Carnival Info accounts). In the adventure travel industry, invoices tend to move slowly through the system and Carnival Info will forward you the various third-party invoices as they arrive into our office. Please note that for bookings where you will not be charged until you receive a service (as is the case with certain car and hotel reservations, there will be no invoice issued for the transaction until you return the car or check out of the hotel room you stayed in. Invoices for airline tickets are usually issued in conjunction with the itinerary and will be printed as part of the ticket (for paper tickets, on the very last ticket coupon page, on e-tickets, usually below the itinerary portion). Those are your receipts from the airlines – we simply pass them on to you. Receipts for insurance purchases will arrive in an email (forwarded to you by us) in the form of a policy page. Whenever you make a payment on your trip, the policy amount will be updated accordingly to keep you covered and a new policy email will arrive in your inbox. This constitutes your receipt from the insurer. Because receipts come from various sources and because they don’t all arrive at once, Carnival Info strongly suggests that you keep every Credit Card Authorization form on file as these provide you with the most up-to-date information about every payment you have authorized to date whether or not those amounts were already charged or simply have been authorized by you to be charged at a later date, such as with the car and hotel bookings above. It is the mandatory policy of Carnival Info that your reservation is not considered confirmed until you are in the receipt of Carnival Info’S reservation confirmation notice. If you have not received this notice within 10 days subsequent to your request for reservations and process of your payments, you must notify Carnival Info immediately. If you have received no communication from Carnival Info within 2 business days of faxing paperwork and or forms to us, you must contact Carnival Info to ensure your fax has been received by Carnival Info. Faxes do indeed ‘get lost’ from time to time.

V. Disclosure

Finally, you will be asked to sign, and return to us, a copy of the ‘Carnival Info TERMS & CONDITIONS/CONSUMER DISCLOSURE NOTICE & Release of Liability, Waiver, Assumption of Risk, and Mediation/Arbitration Agreement’, as well as the ‘Carnival Info TERMS & CONDITIONS/CONSUMER DISCLOSURE NOTICE Regarding Voluntary Participation in Active, Adventurous, and/or High Risk Travel’, both of which will be provided to you, usually at the time of your initial deposit. No forms = No trip. No exceptions. We hope you will understand the reasons for this added bureaucracy, in the context of Travel, and very much appreciate your cooperation in this regard. At Carnival Info our clients are our number 1 priority!

VI. Cancellation Procedure

We strongly encourage purchasing Travel insurance to protect your trip. If you should ever find yourself in the unfortunate situation of having to cancel your trip, you must notify us as soon as you know that you have to cancel, so your cancellation can be processed in a timely manner. Please note, all deposits are final. Carnival Info offers refunds only if we are unable to provide you with our travel services, in all other cases we do not offer refunds. Due to a variety of factors – including the possibility that your personal travel consultant may be in a remote adventurous location temporarily, without access to modern telecommunications facilities – we simply cannot guarantee that any cancellation requests received by Carnival Info fewer than 30 days before a particular cancellation or cutoff date by a supplier, will be processed within the intended deadline. For this reason, it is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that you notify BOTH Carnival Info AND the supplier(s) to whom your monies have been forwarded by Carnival Info. Also, if you do need to cancel, please take a moment to consult the Certificate of Coverage that accompanied your travel insurance policy, in order to familiarize yourself with the provisions regarding cancellation coverage, the paperwork required for you to document your cancellation to claims processors (such as doctor’s notes) and the time frame within which you must notify the insurance company of your need to cancel. Please note that Carnival Info charges a $ 350 per person administrative fee above and beyond any and all foreign currency conversion, wire expenses, etc. incurred on your behalf for all cancellations, regardless of booking method, as compensation for the added time and paperwork involved in handling such cancellations, including the paperwork assistance you may require from us if/when preparing your travel insurance claim. Additionally, clients are subject to any cancellation fees assessed by the purveyors of services including hotels or airlines used in the itinerary. Exceptions to these policies cannot be made for any reason, including but not limited to, weather, terrorism, civil unrest, or personal emergencies. All cancellations MUST be received in writing VIA EMAIL AND YOU MUST ALSO CALL Carnival Info IMMEDIATELY to let us know of your need to cancel. If you cannot reach someone, you MUST LEAVE A VOICEMAIL MESSAGE letting us know of your cancellation plans, so we can help you. Carnival Info does not mail or fax formal notices of ‘receipt of cancellation’ in response to a written client cancellation. The reason we require that ALL CANCELLATIONS MUST BE COMMUNICATED TO US VIA EMAIL AND PHONE (as opposed to faxing or mailing) is to enable us to respond to your notice of cancellation in a reasonably timely manner regardless of the location of Yours Truly at any given time. Our email reply to your cancellation email constitutes your confirmation that we have received your written cancellation request. PLEASE NOTE: It is ABSOLUTELY IMPERATIVE that you also IMMEDIATELY NOTIFY EVERY SUPPLIER with whom travel has been booked on your behalf and with whom you are scheduled to travel AS SOON AS YOU KNOW YOU NEED TO CANCEL. You must also immediately notify the TRAVEL INSURANCE COMPANY that issued the travel insurance policy for your upcoming trip. While Carnival Info will offer you as much support as we possibly can, it is ultimately YOUR RESPONSIBILITY AND IN YOUR VERY BEST INTEREST as a traveler, to insure that your various cancellation notices reach ALL RELEVANT PARTIES in a manner consistent with the policies detailed on the various schedules of cancellation issued by the suppliers with whom you are scheduled to travel. IF YOU CANNOT FIND A HARDCOPY OF A SUPPLIER’S POLICY, DO NOT WAIT!! CALL THE AIRLINE(S), HOTEL(S), TOUR OPERATOR(S), ETC. RIGHT AWAY. There is no refund for arriving late or leaving a trip early. Single supplements (if applicable) are considered part of the trip price and are subject to cancellation penalties. All expenses incurred in preparation for travel, including but not limited to, airline tickets, visa fees, and inoculations, as well as expenses incurred as a result of travel delays, flight cancellation, illness, and other similarly unpredictable expenses are the sole responsibility of the traveler.

VII. Insurance

Comprehensive travel insurance (Trip cancellation, interruption, medical, etc.) is, and/or, can be made available and is highly recommended, although purchasing insurance is not a guarantee that all claims will be paid (or paid to your satisfaction). Insurance is recommended for all trips and is required for participation on all Carnival Info designated group trips. Please be aware that Carnival Info may offer an upgrade to the standard insurance policy which allows ‘Cancel for Any Reason’ (see your policy for details). If you wish to upgrade to this extra level of coverage please contact us at the time you pay your initial trip deposit.

VIII. Pre-Departure Information

Depending on your location, documents will either be mailed to you or delivered to you in person during a pre-departure briefing approximately 2-3 weeks prior to departure. Packing lists, destination information, passport and visa assistance, as well as assistance with travel insurance and travel medical information, will be provided to you throughout the booking process. Please do not hesitate to call if you have questions. Travel planning is a collaborative process. You are our #1 priority.


Carnival Info reserves the right to take photographs during the operation of any program or part thereof and to use them for promotional purposes. By booking a reservation with Carnival Info Tours, program members agree to allow their images to be used in such photographs. Program members who prefer that their images not be used are asked to identify themselves to their travel program escort at the beginning of their program.